How to make papaya germination

Ways to make papaya germination
Common ways to make papaya germination in Indonesia :
Papaya germination actually is affected by sunlight,temperature and humidity. Germinating papaya seeds need light to germinate  due to relation of temperature.
Following are germinating and sprouting ;
A.germinating using tissue or napkin
1. Soak papaya seeds in warm water for a day
2. Put or wrap the seeds on tissue or napkin then spray the tissue or napkin till wet
3. Put the seeds into sealed plastic and seal tightly
4. Papaya germination needs to sprout on the temperature 30c
5. Keep the humidity by spraying the tissue or napkin once in a day
6. Usually 7-12 days seeds start sprouting
7. Put them sprout into filled polibag with media soil and compost (2:1 )
seee pics below

B. Germination using blowing plastic ( oxygen modification )
1. Soak seeds in warm water for a day ( 24 hours )
2. Put seeds into plastic ( size 1 kg) then blow the plastic
3. Tie the plastic tightly
4. Put the sprou on a plant tray
See the pics below




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